About Darius Brown

Darius Brown is a co-owner of BandBSport Management, a prominent sports management company known for its dedication to developing well-rounded athletes. Hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina, Darius is deeply rooted in his community, having graduated from West Charlotte High School and subsequently earning a Bachelor's degree in Social Work from Livingstone College.  

Prior to his role at BandBSport Management, Darius serves as the Operations Director of the Concrete Roses Life Center, where he honed his skills in mentoring and guiding young individuals. His commitment to nurturing the holistic development of young men and women is a testament to his passion for ensuring that athletes are not only in top physical condition but also possess strong character and mental fortitude.  

Darius is a devoted family man and a proud father and husband. When he's not busy with his professional endeavors, he enjoys spending quality time with his loved ones and exploring new destinations through travel. His favorite sport is basketball, and he is dedicated to leveraging his expertise and experience to foster the growth and success of athletes in the realm of basketball and beyond.